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Man Uses iPhone Game To Propose To Girlfriend—And We're Impressed

Man Uses iPhone Game To Propose To Girlfriend—And We're Impressed
4 months ago

'Head's Up!', the popular smartphone game wherein you try to guess a word or phrase based on clues your friends give while you hold the phone up to your forehead, has caught on like wildfire for its ability to keep your children entertained while you wait in line for Disneyland rides. Some adults like it, too, and the game has been found to have other uses, as one couple's story will show. 

YouTube user, OneManFreakShow, posted a video of him and his girlfriend playing a game of 'Heads Up!' together, centered around movies the couple had seen throughout their relationship. 

As the video begins, his girlfriend begins quickly guessing the movies with clues tied to their past. However, one clue is simply her name, "April," which confuses her for a moment. The follow-up clue causes her to gaspin shock. 

This unique proposal caught the attention of people on Twitter, who were impressed them with OneManFreakShow's clever idea. 

Why were they calling out talk show host, Ellen? Because she's had a history of playing 'Heads Up!' with her celebrity and audience guests. 

You've been put on notice, couples of the world. That simple iPhone game you're playing might just change your life.