Star Wars Fan Explains Why Luke Skywalker Only Had One Choice In 'Last Jedi'

Star Wars Fan Explains Why Luke Skywalker Only Had One Choice In 'Last Jedi'
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6 months ago

Aggressive fan entitlement is a weird, weird thing, and few pop culture offerings have been through the wringer as much as the Last Jedi (This article is mostly spoilers, btw).

A very specific subset of Star Wars fan hated the direction that Rian Johnson took so much that there were all sorts of eyeroll-inducing internet campaigns, including a petition to remove the billion-dollar-earning pop culture phenomenon from the Star Wars canon. Angsty fans tanked the Rotten Tomatoes fan rating with 'review bombing bots' and put so much effort into blasting the movie that if you type 'Last Jedi' into Google, this is the first thing that pops up: 


It all boils down to how said angsty (and self-identified) fanboys chafe at TLJ's angsty Luke Skywalker. He's not the majestic hero on a hill, cutting down Imperial forces and saving the day, he's a self-isolating, brooding curmudgeon who holed up on an ancient island to die alone - and take the Jedi Religion with him. He blames the Jedi for allowing the Empire to begin in the first place - which they kinda did - and chose to bail on everything so his powers don't perform evil in the name of good. Which is heroic in its own way - 'from a certain point of view'.

Writer Bryan Young took to a Twitter thread to expand an interpretation that dug into the core of Luke's heroic self-sacrifice dressed up as pissy isolation, and we gotta say, it adds a lot. Big ol' thread incoming, and it's worth a full read.

"See you around, kid."

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