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Teen Soccer Star Completely Schools Guy On Train With Her Skills—And We're Applauding
4 months ago

Something cool about taking the train is that there is never a shortage of fun, interesting, or downright strange people to see. What began as a boring commute to the office can become an insta-worthy moment.  One woman named Liv Cooke saw a man struggling to control his soccer ball  on the train and decided to show him how it's done. 

Oh, and did we mention she happens to be the 2017 Women’s Freestyle World Champion? 

She is garnering a lot of attention for her soccer skills, and for good reason. 

She schooled the dude. Leave it to the professionals, right?

People of the internet were beyond impressed. Obviously:

Some have pointed out that the video is a total set-up:

Turns out the clueless man on the train isn't as clueless as we might have thought. He has some serious talent! She has featured him in some of her other videos and tweets, and it appears that the two of them are sparring partners. 

Both of them are incredible, right?

But, that sure doesn't make her less skilled!

We should all be blessed with a morning commute as fun and interesting as this one. Get it, girl!

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