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General Mills Just Trolled Kellogg's With Their Newest Cereal, And It's Vicious

Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes might be the cereal of our wildest, most delicious childhood dreams. But this brand new breakfast treat comes with a heaping scoop of drama. 

Here are the delectable details:

Everyone is familiar with the original marshmallow cereal, Lucky Charms, by General Mills. Back in 2017, Kelloggs tried to get in on the action and include their own marshmallows in a limited batch of Frosted Flakes. It was, um, not so well-received. 

People criticized the cereal across the board, from appearance to taste. 

General Mills saw a window of opportunity here and debuted their own version of the mash-up. Drama alert! It turns out the term "frosted flakes" isn't trademarked, which means that General Mills has free range to use it all over their packaging and social media. Talk about trolling the competition.

The bold move isn't going unnoticed:

For the most part everyone is stupid excited for this ultimate cereal collab. Who wouldn't be? Kellogg's, maybe. 

Even Cardi B made a comment about the new cereal:

That might be a long stretch, Cardi.

Could this be the beginning of a long, exhausting cereal war? What could be next, Cookie Crisp Corn Pops? Froot Loop French Toast Crunch? We'll grab a bowl of this sugary sweet, cavity-inducing cereal while we wait. 

Your move, Kellogg's.

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