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Famous Psychic Predicts The End Of President Trump—We Hope She's Right

Famous Psychic Predicts The End Of President Trump—We Hope She's Right
By Tom.
5 months ago

President Donald Trump has had an eventful first year in office, that is an undeniable fact. He has squabbled with just about everybody, traveled the world and began a campaign for re-election in 2020.

Many Americans, 65 million and counting, along with millions of citizens of the world have been waiting for word on impeachment. 

Now a heralding of impeachment could be upon us! It's been reported by Georgina Walker that 2018 is the year '45 will see his White House residency come to a close. 

Who is Georgina Walker? She is a self-proclaimed psychic from Australia.

Don't judge. At this point any hope is hope!

Georgina told the 'Today Show' :

" [I see] an impeachment. I saw a ball and chain around his ankle. I saw President Bill Clinton's shadow over him, so he went through that process, but he did escape it.There is a black cloud over the White House this year ... I feel it's a rocky, rocky year. He may just escape through the impeachment proceedings as Clinton did. But there's enough to take him down. "

Now Walker does have a record of true predictions. Apparently she correctly predicted the sex of the second child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a girl, though a 50/50 guess isn't a miracle. She recently stated that William and Kate's third child will also be a girl. 

We still have a little time before she is proven right or wrong on that one.

Now Walker does have a fellow psychic friend who disagrees. Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, who successfully predicted Trump's election and Brexit.

He believes that '45 will outlive an impeachment in 2018. 

He does give some hope though. Craig believes that Kim Jong-un will be overthrown. 

Mr. Parker's success rate does include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement so that's a score.

And Ms. Walker also predicts happiness and light for Mr. & Mrs. Beyonce. (Jay-z and Bey)  So there is glad tidings for 2018! Keep the hope!