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Barack Obama Presidential Library
Barack Obama Just Shared A List Of His Favorite Books And Music From 2017
By Tom.
4 months ago

Just like his pal Oprah, President Barack Obama just released his annual 'favorite things' list for 2017 and people are loving it. 

Over the course of his eight year tenure '44 liked to let everybody know what books he had read or what songs he liked jamming to throughout the course the closing year. Mr. Obama decided that not being in office didn't mean he couldn't keep the tradition alive. 

Over the years he mentioned his appreciation of everything from J.K. Rowling to Beyonce to historical biographies.

Barack took to Facebook to share 2017's 411.

Harry Styles, U2, Andra Day... SZA? Now that is eclectic taste we can get down with! 

Twitter couldn't wait to share their thoughts

When Oprah would announce her favorite book selections sales would skyrocket. With his popularity still sky high --according to polls-- these authors and musicians better ready some Presidential thank you notes. 

Current President Donald Trump has yet to tweet a response. We're waiting.