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Paris Hilton Final Tweet Of 2017 Was Everything Her Fans Wanted To See

Paris Hilton, media mogul, ex-musician, fashionista and reality tv star ushered in 2018 with her classic style! 

We would expect nothing less!



The 36 year old sent her Twitter fans one last message to close out 2017 before the ball dropped and champagne flowed. And if you're a Paris fan it was anything and everything you'd want or expect. 

Simple. With attitude. Total. Paris.

It's a bit heavy on the stops before she gets to the point but rabid fans would follow those stops forever. 

"That's Hot!" is arguably one of the most famous television catchphrases of this century. It's good to see the great literary classics never die. 



Of course Twitter was all over the hotness!

Of course a few people did make a point that it could be time for Paris to update for the next century.

2005?!  Wow. Where did the time go?

Stay hot for 2018 y'all!

H/T : Mashable, Twitter