Singer Sam Smith's Latest Outfit Has Many People Cheering

Singer Sam Smith's Latest Outfit Has Many People Cheering
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6 months ago

When we first met Sam Smith, he was shy, didn't take care of himself as well, and his sense of style circled darker colors and simpler silhouettes. Some serious magic happened recently, though, as we've gotten to watch Sam blossom not only as an artist but as a person. The change shows in his videos. 

Check out this screenshot from his first big hit, Stay With Me.

And his most recent, Too Good At Goodbyes.

But the blooming is most evident in his social media, particularly his New Year's Eve post, which has people talking up a storm. 

The bold color, the caftan, that headdress, those words of love and encouragement... fans were SO INTO THIS.

Of course not everyone loved it. 

Based on what we've seen, we're pretty sure Sam isn't too bothered by them. One fan totally nailed what Sam's pose, outfit, and post were all about: 

We hope Sam keeps sharing his big beautiful voice and big beautiful personality with his fans in 2018! We just want to know where we can snag that headdress/gold collar combo. Help us budding young fashionistas out, Sam!

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