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Man Gets Arrested, Police Find Full Arsenal Of Weapons In His Hotel

A man in Houston was arrested for trespassing and "drunk and disorderly conduct" and because authorities had happened to see a giant pile of ammunition sitting in his hotel room.

Police responded to an urgent call for backup from the initial arresting officer at the Hyatt Regency Hotel around 1:30am Sunday morning to discover a 'small cache' of 'multiple firearms', including a handgun, shotgun, and an AR-15, increasingly one of the weapons of choice for mass shootings.

The suspect, Russell Lawrence Ziemba, is in police custody on charges of trespassing and unlawful carrying of a weapon. He was too drunk to question when initially arrested, though the authorities have since done so and they do not believe he intended to carry out an attack. Houston PD tweeted that the situation was "contained" and that police presence would be "heavily deployed" in response to the situation.

Though the situation is developing, it's impossible to ignore that the Houston Hyatt is hosting its annual massive New Year's Eve party.

H/T: Huffington Post