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Little Boy Gets A Banana For Christmas—And His Reaction Is Just So Pure 😍
5 months ago

Some people spend all season searching for the perfect gift, especially when it comes to children. But it turns out children are becoming easier and easier to please. What has been the apple — or should we say avocado — of their eyes recently? Produce! Fruit has become the hottest gifting sensation over the past couple holiday seasons, making for an ultra-practical and affordable present. Remember the video of a little boy graciously thanking his family for an avocado? Well, a similar video surfaced after Christmas and it is beyond adorable.

Here is the super cute footage. Just try not to smile.

People are agreeing that we should all be this grateful:

It doesn't take much to impress some kids! Those kids are obviously the best:

Though some think getting fruit for a present is a huge ripoff. Hey, to each their own, right?

Could he be a Minion? Could he be a vegan?

Uncle Of The Year, IMO:

Forget lavish presents from now on, you guys. Save time and money. Bananas and avocados clearly rock during the holiday season!

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