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There's A New Onesie On The Market For The 'Modern Man'—And It's A Game-Changer

Have functionality, style, and comfort escaped your grasp? Then a new Kickstarter campaign has just the answer for you: the Tuxy, classified as "the world's best onesie."


Continuing the trend of men appropriating the best fashion from women and toddlers, men now have the Tuxy. 

According to the official Kickstarter page:

Tuxy is the worlds first good looking onesie. We believe in crazy ideas,  innovation, style and comfort. That's why we spent over a year researching, prototyping, and testing to come up with the most comfortable functional piece of clothing possible. And it looks great!

Once Twitter got wind of how awesome the Tuxy would be for couch adventures, they were on board: 

Interested in getting into one of these? If you back the Kickstarter at the $119 level (the lowest available as of this writing), you'll get the Tuxy and a carry bag, perfect for outdoor expeditions. But seriously, with something like this, would you ever want to go outside?


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