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SNL's Pete Davidson Shares Photo Of His New Controversial Tattoo—And People Are Cheering
4 months ago

The 2016 presidential campaign saw Pete Davidson squarely #WithHer all the way to the end. The 24-year-old comedian also really digs tattoos, which is something you might not notice unless you pay a lot of attention to his extracurricular activities, as some fans do. And Davidson now has a brand spanking new Instagram, almost half a million followers — and just a single post.

Davidson shared the latest addition to his ink portfolio:

That's right. Nestled upon his leg is a '90s-era First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. The internet being what it is, many responses were of a decidedly unkind nature, because Clinton is one of the world's most controversial figures. Haters gonna hate and bots gonna bot, but Davidson's not crying over the nastiness.

Not long after he posted his very first pic, Clinton responded.

Clinton jokingly replied:

Thanks, @petedavidson. This makes it significantly less awkward that I’ve had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years,” the former secretary of state wrote in a comment on Davidson’s Instagram post. “But seriously, I’m honored. Merry Christmas my friend.

Davidson was appropriately at a loss for words:

Some folks appreciated Davidson's tribute and the witty nod from Clinton:

And some people threw a little shade at the haters:

This comment summed it up nicely:

We should all be so lucky to have the person we admire most in the world acknowledge our tributes!

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