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David Stanley/Flickr
Ancient Penguin Fossils Discovered In New Zealand Prove Penguins Used To Be Quite Different

On Tuesday researchers released a paper announcing the discovery of fossils in New Zealand that reveal the existence of an ancient giant penguin. The species, dubbed Kumimanu biceae, was the size of a grown man β€” roughly 5 feet, 10 inches long and weighing 223 pounds.

Researchers believe the giant flightless birds evolved rapidly after the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 millions years ago. With fewer predators, the species flourished and grew lager, as flightless birds tend to do. But once larger marine mammals like toothed whales and seals appeared, the giant penguins likely lost the fight for food and breeding grounds, and began to die out.

Many Twitter users were ready for these ancient penguin overlords:

But other people seemed a bit shook:

And a few were ready to throw down to save mankind...

But only one suspected the real reason they were extinct. 

H/T: Twitter, AP