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Woman Discovers Absurdly Huge Avocado--Becomes Twitter's Newest Superhero

We here at Guacamoley were probably more excited than most to hear the story of Pamela Wang, a Hawaii resident who stepped out to get her paper one Sunday morning and stumbled upon the king of all avocados. 

Wang, who lives on Big Island, told West Hawaii Today:

I see avocados every day and I pick up avocados every day, but this one... it was hard to miss. It was as big as my head. 

Wang submitted an application to Guinness World Records and expects to hear back in two months if the fruit's recorded 5.23 pounds makes it one for the record books. 

In the meantime, Wang is the envy of Twitter.

NBC Bay Area

Most Twitter users were appropriately impressed. 

And others, not so much.

Some started making their avocado-based retirement plans. 

For an avocado this size, there's really only one thing you can say. 

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