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Woman Tweets Photo Of Her Neighbors' Controversial Nativity Scene--And We Are Obsessed
5 months ago

Most people are familiar with the traditional Nativity scene: the baby Jesus, his mother Mary, her husband Joseph, shepherds, the three Wise Men, an angel or two, a donkey, an ox, and maybe some sheep. All are gathered around a makeshift manger, celebrating the miracle of Jesus' birth. 

But what if we reinterpret the Nativity to include something outside of the heteronormative family?

Yeah, we dig this.

Moxie Jane imagined the retail scenario... and a solution:

And Mrs Lady came through with her own interpretation:

But back to the two Josephs. If it was two men, it had to be immaculate, right?

And we are sure that baby would have been well taken care of. More gays in history and tradition, please!

H/T: Twitter