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Impressive Harry Potter Nail Art Emerges Online--And Everyone Is Really Into It
5 months ago

Fans of the Harry Potter universe are so in love with J.K. Rowling's wizarding world that they're constantly trying to find new, creative ways to express their love. Potter-heads on Twitter recently banded together and found a great one: nails!

Potter-themed manicures have become all the rage.

Designs range from fairly simple to stunning intricate.

Harry Potter recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, which many are still celebrating!

I wonder how J.K. feels about her creations all over people's nails...

These Twitter users have put real time into their work.

One woman even managed to get a movie poster onto her thumb.

It seems the trend is catching on in a big way:

If you're a fan, run to the nearest nail salon and apply your house colors ASAP!

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