This Map Shows The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Every State

This Map Shows The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Every State
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Updated 10 months ago

The National Retail Federation expects Americans to spend $2.7 billion on candy this Halloween season. With the eternal threat of "trick or treat" hanging over each homeowner's head, it's extremely important that they not only buy lots of candy, but also the right candy — treats that will keep them safe from the mischievous tricks of local troublemakers. But which candy is the best candy? compiled data from years of sales and determined the most popular candy in each state:

To determine the most popular candies (as well as 2nd and 3rd place) in every state, combed through ten years of sales data and also compared their results to those of other major candy manufacturers. 

Check out the interactive map below:

Probably the most unbelievable thing about this new map is the claim that candy corn, candy's sad cousin who nobody likes to talk about, is supposedly the most popular candy in Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, and Rhode Island. Also, Lemonheads, Louisiana? Really? Weird.

Some of the most popular candies by state included Reece's, M&M's, and Sour Patch Kids, all of which are acceptable, delicious candies that kids will love to receive (unlike candy corn). 

Best of luck this Halloween, and may your treats forever stave off those tricks!