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Bernard Dupont/Flickr
Brave Australian Woman Hoists Up Shark And Returns It To The Ocean, Becomes Internet Hero

Whether or not you like their beer, the Foster's brewing company certainly got one thing right during their iconic ad campaign: They breed em' tough Down Under. When your country is known worldwide for having more deathtraps than the 74th annual Hunger Games, it should come as no surprise when an average citizen churns out Dundee levels of badassery during a casual morning swim. Yesterday an Australian woman trying to enjoy a dip in a Cronulla rock pool noticed a shark had somehow wandered its way into the enclosure.

Instead of swimming for dear life, this woman handled the matter the Australian way:

From the country where wildlife experts tease crocodiles for kicks:


When video of the incident surfaced online, the woman became an instant hero:

And a source of national pride:

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