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Woman Shares Unexpected Love Story That Began With A Runny Nose On Twitter

Romance doesn't discriminate, even if you have snot on your face.

A male passenger on a London train wasn't feeling particularly sexy as he struggled with a runny nose, but he managed to win the affection of a fellow commuter. A woman offered him a tissue, for which he was understandably grateful.

Another passenger noticed the gesture, and she live-tweeted the hypothetical love story:

The stage was set for a real live "meet cute," and Debra O had a front row seat:


But our narrator is approaching her stop! Will she stay on the train to witness further developments?


Well, that train left the station, and left Twitter hanging:

But it didn't stop people from coming up with their own ending:

We may never know what became of the pair, but they proved love can find you on a busy train, runny nose and all.

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