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Chance The Rapper Just Came To Amy Poehler's Defense From Severe Critics

Much like the New York Times and theater reviews, the online movie review site Rotten Tomatoes can make or break a film's survival. And Chance the Rapper doesn't plan on listening to their noise. 

The Grammy winner took to Twitter to defend a film he thought didn't deserve to be maligned:

The House, which stars SNL veteran superstars Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell, came out in June and was a financial and critical disaster. But art is subjective.

Chance threw down his support for the film and Poehler, and took the online critics to task:

Chance took on the role of critic and slammed a film that got the thumbs up from Rotten Tomatoes:

Twitter users weighed in with their artistic thoughts on both the film and Chance:

Not everyone agreed with Chance's assessment:

Several of Chance's followers didn't miss an opportunity to point out Rotten Tomatoes credibility:

Alas, all art is a matter of personal taste. So go roll the dice and experience it for yourself.

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