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Grandma Tries To Smuggle Drugs To Grandson In Jail--It Didn't Work Out So Well
By Tom.
7 months ago

64-year-old Carolyn Lou Gay was arrested this week on multiple charges of drug possession and distribution. Authorities say the West Virginia grandmother has landed in a cell adjacent to her grandson since being accused of smuggling drugs to him behind bars.

Gay visited her grandson, Shawn Douglas Weister, on September 2 at Eastern Regional Jail near Martinsburg. Sources report a guard heard Weister tell Gay to "go ahead."

It was then that Weister was asked to submit to a strip search; instead, he ran away. 

While being chased, Weister yelled, "Run granny, they caught me."  Investigators state they found 22 sealed drinking straws containing various drugs including heroin in Weister's possession, and Gay is the only person who visited him.

The future doesn't look bright for anybody here. 

At least they have each other. Maybe they can knit and play Spades to pass the time.