Beyonce Just Sang In Spanish--And People Went Wild

Beyonce Just Sang In Spanish--And People Went Wild
Updated 9 months ago

Beyoncé lent her titillating vocals to the latest remix of J Balvin and Willy William's international smash, "Mi Gente." 

Not only did Bey kill it on her vocal cameo, she also slayed it in Spanish.

All proceeds from the remix will go to charity.

She shared the news on her personal Instagram. "I am donating my proceeds from this song to hurricane relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and the other affected Caribbean islands," she wrote.

The international smash resonated with many cultures when it was first released earlier this month. Columbian star J Belvin sings in "Mi Gente," 'Mi musica no discrimina a nadie" (my music doesn't discriminate against anyone).'

"Music has to be a tool to unite people, to get people together," he said in a BBC interview. "It doesn't matter the race, the language, the culture. So that's what I'm saying when I sing that line."

In the remix, Beyoncé addresses the victims of recent natural disasters, singing, "Lift up your people/ From Texas to Puerto Rico/Dem islands to Mexico."

People are going crazy over the remix. The video received 100,000 views on YouTube in just 30 minutes.

Beyoncé also had no qualms singing about her personal life. "I can be a beast or I can give you emotion / But please don't question my devotion / I been giving birth on these haters 'cause I'm fertile."

Bey also sings a little French in the remix. There's no stopping the Queen.

Some brought up Justin Bieber's failed attempt at learning the Spanish lyrics for a live performance of  "Despacito."

This is the result of something executed with integrity and an extra dose of fierceness.

Check out "Mi Gente" featuring Beyoncé below.