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Justin A. Wilson II/Facebook
This Three-Year-Old Playing Drums With His Idol Is The Internet's Newest Hero
By Tom.
7 months ago

At three years old most of the human race is considered fortunate to merely have the ability to use the bathroom without a diaper. But Justin Wilson II just upstaged everyone and took ownership of the world all in the same beat. 

The music prodigy was exposed to prominence when he was discovered through Facebook. The boy's father, Justin Wilson posted videos of the near zygote playing drums like an Eighties rock band professional, which went on to be viewed over 1,000,000 times; leading to an appearance on the Today show...


Recently Justin had one of his lifelong dreams- yes his lifelong dream at the age of 3- come true. He got to meet his idol, musician Eric Moore. 

The special meeting was coordinated by Guitar Center. And was featured as part of their "Here's How" social series, which gives musicians tips to sharpen their skills. Guitar Center chose to spotlight Justin and grant him one of his wishes to meet Eric.

The video of their meeting has become the Internet's newest craze. Not only is this kid adorable beyond words but his talent at 3 is mind boggling. He sits on his mentor's lap and stays in tune better than some drummers touring the world today.

Have. You. Ever? 

The video has been viewed nearly 200,000 times and has been shared over 1200 times from Guitar Center's Facebook page.  This kid is on the rise, a star has definitely been born. Justin A. Wilson II- LJ, remember that name!