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Photo via Youtube/Buzzfeed
Nick Jonas Reads Awkward Tweets From People Who Want To Sleep With Him
7 months ago

We've all seen celebrities reading "mean tweets" about themselves, right? The celebs are usually good sports about it, and it's funny to watch, in a cringe-worthy sort of way.

Well, in a twist on that idea, BuzzFeed asked Nick Jonas to read really, really nice tweets about himself: 

A few highlights from Jonas' "thirst tweets":

Jonas: "Well listen here... can't dial it down. That's bananas."

Jonas:  "That's pretty clever actually."

Jonas:  "I do have very strong thighs. Probably not strong enough to crush your entire body, though."

Twitter loved how Jonas handled the racy tweets:

I mean, this is Nick Jonas we're talking about:

So, yeah. We get it. The thirst is real.

H/T: YouTube