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Photo via Youtube/Buzzfeed
Nick Jonas Reads Awkward Tweets From People Who Want To Sleep With Him

We've all seen celebrities reading "mean tweets" about themselves, right? The celebs are usually good sports about it, and it's funny to watch, in a cringe-worthy sort of way.

Well, in a twist on that idea, BuzzFeed asked Nick Jonas to read really, really nice tweets about himself: 

A few highlights from Jonas' "thirst tweets":

Jonas: "Well listen here... can't dial it down. That's bananas."

Jonas:  "That's pretty clever actually."

Jonas:  "I do have very strong thighs. Probably not strong enough to crush your entire body, though."

Twitter loved how Jonas handled the racy tweets:

I mean, this is Nick Jonas we're talking about:

Flaunt Magazine

So, yeah. We get it. The thirst is real.

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