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Man Trolls Tomi Lahren With Uncomfortable Question After Pretending To Take A Selfie With Her

On Friday, a video began circulating on Twitter. In it, conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren appears to take a selfie with a young man.

Unfortunately for Lahren, the man had something other than a quick photo in mind:

*Warning: contains NSFW language*

"Tomi Lahren makes a friend" was first posted on Reddit, to little fanfare. The post reads:

Watching enough of her nonsense made this come extremely natural. I  didn't even have a plan when I went up to her but it worked out to a tee. She's weirdly used to it it seems.

On Twitter, one user offered a feeble protest:

But most of Twitter was fully on board with the guy's message:

When someone re-posted the video on Reddit, a user said he was the man in the video:

Lahren joined Fox News as a contributor in August 2017.

H/T - Indy100, Death And Taxes