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Paul J. Richards/Getty Images
President Trump Tweeted Fake News About The Emmys—And We’re Not Surprised

Donald Trump was a frequent target of mockery during Sunday night's Emmy Awards, so it should come as no surprise that the President would take to Twitter to criticize the telecast.

After all, as we know, when he gets hit, he'll hit back harder:

Ooohh burrrn. 

Except, it's not true.


First of all, he had his timing wrong. He posted this tweet on Tuesday, not Monday, so "last night" wasn't accurate. 

And secondly, it turns out this year's broadcast was NOT the lowest rated ever. In fact, Sunday's 11.4 million viewers was a slight increase over last year’s 11.3 million. 


As you might expect, Twitter was not impressed with Trump's tweet. 

Or surprised:

Aren't there other, more pressing issues...?

Some decided to burn him right back:

As for why Trump decided this was a tweet worth tweeting, these folks may be onto something:


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