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Photo via Netflix/YouTube
Netflix Just Sent The Nicest Cease And Desist Letter To An Unauthorized ‘Stranger Things’ Bar
7 months ago

Have you ever visited The Upside-Down?

No, we're not talking about the creepy alternate reality in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Nope, it's a pop-up bar in Chicago based on the TV show:

Cool, right? It looks like you're in the show:

But, like, with alcohol:

There was talk of extending the bar past its original October 1 end date. Unfortunately, Emporium Chicago didn't go through Netflix at all when building this concept pop-up bar, so Netflix sent them a cease and desist letter. 

But in true millennial fashion, Netflix's cease and desist read a little less chilly than you would expect:

Alright, maybe it was less than friendly to bring the demogorgon in.

Emporium manager Jared Saul wrote a nice email to DNAInfo:

If Netflix were OK with us running The Upside Down project through the season two premiere & the Halloween weekend we would most definitely have continued this incredible party a little bit longer! ...It's been so much fun for us & for fans of Stranger Things & has even introduced the show to new fans here in Chicago who weren't aware of the show before visiting the pop-up.

Season two of Stranger Things is scheduled to premiere on October 27!