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Adam Ellis/Twitter
That Disturbing Ghost Story On Twitter Just Got Even More Disturbing With A New Update

If you haven't been following, there's a ghost story playing out on Twitter and people haven't been this spooked since R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. Adam Ellis, a cartoonist and blogger based in New York began posting in August about the ghost of a young boy named Dear David. 

And the story took off from there, with Adam eventually installing nanny cams to capture the unexplained phenomena occurring in his apartment.  

On September 5, Adam disappeared from Twitter, leaving many to wonder what was happening. A week later he reemerged with a disturbing update. 

Maybe there's a reasonable explanation?

Keep in mind, Adam is  a writer. 

David might keep haunting him until he gets his own book though. 

H/T Berry, Twitter