Twitter User’s Ghost Story Is Getting Creepier, And Freaking People Out

Twitter User’s Ghost Story Is Getting Creepier, And Freaking People Out
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Updated 11 months ago

Remember Adam Ellis's haunted apartment chronicles on Twitter? That long thread that gave people the creeps? No? Well, catch up because there are updates.

His ongoing saga of living with a malevolent entity are keeping people up at night—with their lights on.

Since early August, the New York illustrator has been documenting, through video clips and play-by-play tweets, his encounter with an evil spirit known as "Dear David." 

This is the first Twitter thread where Ellis began sharing his disturbing experiences:

Twitter was hooked. Twitter was SHOOK:

Ellis kept up the tweets throughout August, and his Twitter audience followed right along.

The haunting continues, and his cats' interactions with the ghost are still freaking him out:

In a confusing new development, Ellis's feline companions have started gathering at the door before midnight. "They began a new routine: hover around the door at 10 pm, cry for about 15 minutes, then wander off as if nothing's wrong," he said in one of his tweets.

Okay, that's not creepy AT ALL.

Ellis thought the calls might be from an automated telemarketer. He figured they'd stop if he answered a call, so he picked up and waited for a recording that never kicked in. 

But he did hear something... odd:

Our distressed narrator couldn't escape the disturbances. All he could do was keep writing them down. 

A few days later he started another thread to share the escalating creepiness:

Was the ghost taking a load off? Ellis said there was no wind in the apartment. Nevertheless, he flipped off the phone to avoid further panicking.

But half an hour later, he received another alert:

Um, we hope so too.

It's possible these chilling anecdotes are an elaborate hoax for Twitter, but are we cynical enough to rule out the possibility that there may be other forces at work here?

Don't worry. "Dear David" probably won't pay you a visit.

You can catch up with Ellis's first encounter with "Dear David" below:

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