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This ’Generic Millennial Ad’ Has Us Sufficiently Triggered And Impressed

This ’Generic Millennial Ad’ Has Us Sufficiently Triggered And Impressed
9 months ago

A video comprised of stock footage mocks how ad agencies view millennials.

Dissolve stock footage company teamed up with And/Or studio to create a video called "This Is A a Generic Millennial Ad," 

The clip features a cast of peace-loving hipsters born between 1980 to 2000, frolicking around various diffused-lit settings and doing what they do best: Smile a lot, dance often, and be enslaved to the mechanical appendage that is their smartphone.

A narrator starts things off by addressing the millennial viewer, saying, "You are unique. You are special. You are different ... We understand everything about you, especially the way you talk on line, like: 'Totes,' 'BRB,' and 'Join the conversation.' You say that, right?"

Images of hashtags, dancing in the streets, selfies, food photography and fireworks alternate as the narrator continues, "You are super happy with no drugs or no alcohol and no ugly faces. You are also determined, because you can't be held down. And you have just one night to make it happen."

"What is it? No, seriously, will you tell us so we can depict it in our ads?" pleads the narrator. 

Dissolve's brand director Joe Parker told CNET that the tongue-in-cheek jab is "definitely a cautionary tale" for tone-deaf marketers to refrain from clichés when trying to appeal to the oft-mocked generation with various advertisements. 

But it's still funny because, well, some stereotypes are there for a reason. #totestrue

You can watch the clip below.

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