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Burger Restaurant Runs 15-Cent Meal Deal, And Total Chaos Ensued

The scene was chaos outside the 29 locations of Zark's, a popular local burger chain based in the Philippines. 

On Sunday Zark's announced an "8 for 8" promotion, offering their signature Ultimate Burger for only 8 pesos (15 cents) in celebration of their 8th anniversary. While the offer was only available to the first 80 customers at each location thousands showed up in the unlikely hope of being first through the door and a bargain fueled frenzy ensued. 

It seems Zark's may have underestimated the public response to their promo. 

The promo coincided with National Heros Day, a public holiday, which swelled the already teeming crowd.  Adding to the throngs inside the 29 stores were the lines that formed outside. 

After the excitement died down Zark's issued a grateful, if some what chagrined, statement thanking customers for the "mammoth response" and apologizing for the unintentional inconvenience.   

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