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Taylor Swift’s Face Is Appearing On Special UPS Trucks—And We’re Okay With That
8 months ago

Special delivery from UPS! It's T-Swift's face!

In what they're calling "a meeting of two cultural icons," UPS has partnered with Taylor Swift to promote her new album:

And to be honest, we've never been more ready to get a delivery:

This is even better than the ice cream truck:

Other delivery services be damned:

UPS says it remembers little Taylor Swift circa 2006, when she "and a few others gathered around boxes and boxes containing copies of her first single 'Tim McGraw.' "

"UPS delivered [Swift's] packages in 2006 and now, eleven years later will be delivering her new album to dedicated fans."


UPS encourages you to snap a pic of the truck if you see one:

We're so excited!