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Fan Says Tom Holland Looks Like There’s A Frog Trapped In His Mouth—And Tom Just Responded

Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man: Homecoming, is a very popular figure on the internet. However, a Tumblr user recently made an observation we simply can't ignore:

According to the internet, it looks like Tom is hiding a tiny little frog in his mouth.

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The idea quickly became an overwhelmingly popular meme:

The frog even has a name!

Don't feel too sorry for Tom, however - he loves the joke!

This is hilarious. I can confirm that the rumours are true 😂😂😂 #spidermanhomecoming

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Holland has apparently been sighted laughing at the meme in public:

Conspiracy theorists are taking the idea farther than anyone expected:

Congrats to Tiny Little Frog, the newest star in Hollywood - we look forward to a bright future for both you and Tom Holland, the guy who carries you around in his mouth.

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