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Tom Hardy Makes Headlines For Stopping An Actual Criminal And People Are Swooning

Tom Hardy Makes Headlines For Stopping An Actual Criminal And People Are Swooning
Updated 10 months ago

You can only play so many superhero-esque characters before fantasy becomes merged with reality. Tom Hardy, star of Mad Max: Fury Road, Peaky Blinders, Legend, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Revenant, has just made the transition into hero territory. 

Hardy has long displayed a hero's heart, professing his love of children's stories and dogs of all kinds. Both of these passions are demonstrated in the below video. After watching, it's hard not to believe Tom wears a spandex costume underneath his clothes at all times. 

On the evening of Monday, April 24th, Hardy sprang into action. While on a walk near his house in London, Hardy spied a moped thief crash his stolen vehicle into a nearby Mercedes. As literally zero of us would in that situation, Hardy decided to chase the perp down and hold him until police arrived. 

The thief abandoned their crashed vehicle and took off on foot. Hardy flew after him, leaving a trail of swooning men and women in his wake. The chase wound through a building site, vaulted over several walls, and shot through a back garden before Hardy nabbed the criminal by the scruff of the neck near an abandoned entertainment club. 


Hardy was then reported to have said the most heroic thing anyone can say:

 I caught the c***.
This little s*** nicked something and now he’s got himself a ­broken leg. 

Witnesses described to The Sun the "mental" scene of Hardy, looking "as mad as he does on the telly," taking off in pursuit of one of the fugitives, vaulting over a series of garden walls—"it was like an assault course"—to catch the thief. One gentleman raved that it was as if Hardy had "switched to superhero mode in an action movie," and added that if the fugitive "had been dumb enough to resist," he reckoned that "Tom would have given him a good hiding." Tom wasn't on hand to provide a comment, having flown back to the Hardy-Cave. 


Twitter is having a field day with Hardy's escapades:

 London can rest easy tonight knowing it's finally nabbed the superhero it deserves: Tom Hardy. He may not have superpowers, but he's very attractive and, in many ways, that's just as good.