Bachelorette Star Serves Epic Clap Back To A Racist Tweet From A Former Bachelor Contestant

Bachelorette Star Serves Epic Clap Back To A Racist Tweet From A Former Bachelor Contestant
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12 months ago

 Bachelorette star, Rachel Lindsay, is winning hearts and gathering up round after round of applause for her surgically-skillful handling of Leah Block. Leah, a former contestant on the Bachelor, was watching Rachel's season with her roommate. That roommate apparently decided there were too many people of color on the screen for this to be Bachelorette.  


We'll just let Leah take it from here...

 That cringey tweet earned a response from Rachel that could only be described as perfection. The shade in her response gets extra shady once you know the story behind Lee.  

 Lee Garrett, a former Bachelorette contestant, was exposed for racist, sexist and anti-muslim statements and tweets. The tweets feature such gems as calling for the Black Lives Matter movement to be recognized as a terrorist group, insinuating that women only become feminists if they're ugly, justifying the Alton Sterling shooting, saying he hates Islam, saying the NAACP is the same thing as the KKK, and claiming being a "meninist" is his true calling. Eye roll. 


Rachel came through with this response (bonus points for that hashtag.)

 Leah tried to "defend" the tweet with this.  


For some reason we have that "Dig A Little Deeper" song from The Princess And The Frog stuck in our heads now... hmm.

 Leah then decided to just delete the tweets. That made things worse. Leah ended up trying (and failing) to defend the tweet, herself and her roommate, and the action of deleting the tweet. It was everyone else who had the problem, not her.  




Twitter collectively decided to drag Leah.



 Yes, you read that correctly. Leah deleted her entire Twitter account rather than acknowledge that the joke and tweet were racially insensitive or... ya' know... apologize?  


Drag Squad Oath: Thou shalt draggeth across multiple platforms if needeth be.



 Rachel handled this with a whole lot of class and a whole lot of sass, proving why she was chosen as the Bachelorette. Also, something to remember: screenshots are forever you guys. Hopefully Leah learns a thing or two from this and comes back to Twitter better than ever.  

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