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Stephen King Just Tweeted A Pitch For A New 'Law And Order' Series, And We'd Watch It

If executed, King's idea would inject new blood into the Dick Wolf franchise. 

The Scoop

Twitter Users Share The Best Signs From The 2018 Women's March—And We're Cheering

Women showed their wit, their anger, and their determination to #resist


Drunk Man Tries To Order Burrito From Bank Drive-Thru—And We've All Been There

Okay, we haven't all been there, but we still relate to pretty much everything Florida Man does. He's the hero we deserve. 

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'Pitch Perfect' Star Ruby Rose Reveals That She's Now In A Wheelchair Due To Back Condition

Ruby Rose ends up in a wheelchair after years of struggling with "spine issues."

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Khloe Kardashian Isn't Sure What To Name Her Baby—But Twitter Has Some Suggestions

The new mom-to-be has no idea what to name her child and is open to suggestions.