Seattle Clock Counting Down The Days Until The End Of Trump's Term Goes Viral

Seattle Clock Counting Down The Days Until The End Of Trump's Term Goes Viral
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When Lily Onnen bought her new house there was an interesting condition attached to the sale. Part of the deal to purchase the house meant Onnen agreed to continue the Trump "countdown clock" which hangs over the side of a balcony facing the street.

 The countdown clock marking the days until Donald Trump leaves the White House is a little beacon of hope for many, and the Instagram account attached has since gone viral.  Each day, a new photo is posted showing the remaining days left for Trump. Onnen says of the countdown and its purpose:

It’s a message of hope. For me the more the number shrinks, the more hopeful I get.

Each photo posted comes with a bit of history or facts on current events, so followers can get a bit of hope along with some useful information.  

As Mr. Trump “prepares” for his upcoming summit with Mr. Putin, some good analysis is emerging on his disastrous meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Nicholas Eberstadt, writing in National Review, says the meeting was for the U.S. “a World Series of unforced errors.” North Korea “walked away with a joint communique that read almost as if it had been drafted by the DPRK ministry of foreign affairs.” Looking ahead to the Putin summit, columnist George Will has this to say about our President and his adversary: “Meanwhile, this innocent abroad is strutting toward a meeting with the cold-eyed Russian who is continuing to dismantle one of Europe’s largest nations, Ukraine. He is probably looking ahead to ratcheting up pressure on one of three small nations, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, each a member of the NATO alliance that, for the first time in its 69 years, is dealing with a U.S. president who evinces no admiration for what it has accomplished or any understanding of its revived importance as the hard man in Moscow, who can sniff softness, relishes what Singapore revealed.” In spite of overwhelming evidence of Russian involvement, confirmed yet again in the bi-partisan report released yesterday by the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mr. Trump continues cozying up to the Russians, squandering all his leverage before the upcoming meeting, saying just last week “Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with Meddling in our Election!” He is completely over his head. This stuff matters. #resist #votethemout #throwthemout #mueller #muellertime #impeachtrump #impeachment #notmypresident #worstpresidentever #dumptrump #nevertrump #stoptrump #indivisible #lovetrumpshate #trumpcounter #trump_counter

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In the event that Trump should be re-elected and serve a second term, Onnen says she will simply start the countdown over.

The countdown made some feel better. 

And others feel worse.