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President Trump Almost Didn't Hire John Bolton... Because Of His Mustache

President Trump Almost Didn't Hire John Bolton... Because Of His Mustache
2 months ago

On Thursday, March 22, President Trump announced he would replace departing National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, a Bush-era ambassador to the United Nations and long-time advocate of military intervention in North Korea. Many around the world were dismayed by Bolton's appointment due to his hard-line policies, which will only be emboldened by the President's new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Deputy FBI Director, Gina Haskel.

President Trump also had his misgivings about Bolton, though they had very little to do with policy. In fact, President Trump almost passed on the new National Security Advisor because of his mustache.

Trump's distaste for Bolton's facial hair has been well documented over the years. In fact, he was considered for the role of Secretary of State in 2016, but was ultimately passed on because of his furry upper lip. Because that's the kind of thing The President really puts stock in.

Bolton commented that he "appreciated the grooming advice," but had no plans to shave his signature look. 

Most people share the President's fears about John Bolton, but for completely different reasons.

Of course, Trump doesn't seem to be the only one preoccupied with the "mustache issue."

Other people are fans of the stache!

Who knows how the future will shake out - whether the President and Bolton will form a healthy working relationship, whether the mustache will be an insurmountable barrier between them, or whether Bolton ultimately contributes to a more violent, dangerous world for innocent men and women everywhere. No matter what happens, at least we have the glorious mustache jokes of the present!

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