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Trump's Twitter Tirade On Sunday Went After Comey, McCabe, And The Mueller Probe

Trump's Twitter Tirade On Sunday Went After Comey, McCabe, And The Mueller Probe
Updated 2 months ago

President Trump has doubled down on his praise of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to fire FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was just days away from retirement. When news broke that McCabe was in possession of memos documenting his interactions with Trump, the President took to Twitter to discredit the McCabe memos, which may serve as evidence in Robert Mueller's special investigation.

McCabe's memos are said to also include former FBI Director James Comey's revelations to McCabe about his own interactions with Trump, including details surrounding his unceremonious firing in May of last year.

Needless to say, Trump jumped to defame Comey as well:

And Comey was quick to rebuke the accusations, promising to spill the tea:

But Trump has bigger fish to fry. Mueller's special investigation seems to be closing in on the President, having subpoenaed the Trump organization for the President's business records this past week alone. What's more, news broke that a Trump-affiliated data firm, Cambridge Analytica, met with Russians to allegedly discuss using data findings to influence American voters.

With all this smoke, Trump took aim at Mueller's investigation and the entire FBI to extinguish the fire:

Luckily, Trump's tweets did nothing to further exacerbate the widening chasm between the President and his fellow Americans. 

Except they totally did:

Many pointed out how Trump's tweets discredit his innocence more than they discredit the special counsel:

This White House shows us more and more flagrantly that no one working under the President is indispensable, and many fear that Trump may stoop so low as to orchestrate the firing of Robert Mueller.

Americans are calling for lawmakers on both sides to protect the autonomy of the special counsel's investigation:

The instability in Washington continues to unsettle Americans. The showdown between Trump and Mueller — as well as the opposing ideologies the men have come to embody in the American psyche — are far from relenting. The truth continues to be more elusive and ever vulnerable.