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Trump's Plan To Combat Opioid Epidemic Includes The Death Penatly For Some Drug Dealers

Trump's Plan To Combat Opioid Epidemic Includes The Death Penatly For Some Drug Dealers
2 months ago

A report on the website Politico is saying the White House is rolling out a new plan to take on the opioid crisis, which includes the death penalty for certain drug dealers. Politco writes:

According to language circulating this week, the Trump administration will call for the death penalty as an option in "certain cases where opioid, including Fentanyl-related, drug dealing and trafficking are directly responsible for death." 

Already politicians on both sides of party lines are not liking what they hear. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican from West Virgina, a state at the center of the opioid crisis, had this to say:

I mean, I get the message he’s delivering: We’ve got to treat it seriously. I don’t see that that’s going to solve the problem.

Alaskan Senator Dan Sullivan (R) agreed:

 I would have to strongly evaluate and look at any proposal like that. I don’t know if the president was serious or just said it off the cuff. … It’s a big issue when you decide to bring a capital case or pass a law that allows for capital punishment.

The problem is, no one ever knows anymore if Donald Trump means what he says or is just making up locker room banter. Like when he made this comment at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania while discussing his trip to Asia. 

If you go to Singapore, I said, 'Mr. President, what happens with your drugs?' 'We don't have a problem. We have a zero tolerance. We have a different type of people.'
They don't play games. I said, 'how are you doing on drugs?' 'No problem.' I said 'what do you mean no problem?' 'We have a zero tolerance policy.' What does that mean? 'That means if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty.'

The White House proposal also include law enforcement measures, prevention and the lifting of restrictions so Medicaid can pay for certain inpatient treatments.

Many people were wondering if CEO's of Big Pharma would be heading to death row.