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A Lebanese man plays a computer game created by the Shiite Lebanese movement Hezbollah called 'Sacred Defence - Protecting the Homeland And Holy Sites' which was inspired from the Syrian war, in a southern suburb of Beirut on February 27, 2018. The Sacred Defence is a simulation game that puts the player in re-enacted battles fought by Hezbollah fighters against 'apostates' in Syria. / AFP PHOTO / JOSEPH EID (Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)
Photoshopped Picture Of Trump's Video Game Violence Meeting Goes Viral
1 month ago

Trump's response to mass shootings has been to blame gun violence on anything but guns. Today, he blamed it on video games.

But we'll be damned if we don't let the video games have their say.

People don't know what to focus on first.

Who else should be on this council?

Still, we can't help but wonder why we're trying to shift blame where it doesn't belong...

But also, why isn't this actually who runs Trump's cabinet?

Trump's constant dodge tactics are getting very old.

When will he do something about gun violence instead of chasing pavements where there is only asphalt?

It may never happen, but we must continue holding him accountable.

H/T: Twitter