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Donald Trump Is Not Going To Like The Explosive New Cover Of The Economist

Donald Trump Is Not Going To Like The Explosive New Cover Of The Economist
Updated 2 months ago

Since Donald Trump took office, magazines have used their covers to satirize and mock him. German magazine Der Spiegel has been one of the foremost publications publishing controversial covers that feature the U.S. President.

Some highlights include the President beheading the Statue of Liberty:

And this one calling out the President's racism:

There have also been controversial covers from Time Magazine:

Many people thought the "Person of the Year" cover was scarily similar to this one:

Now The Economist is joining the fun with this new cover they tweeted Thursday:

The cover article references the President's new tariffs on aluminum and steel, which were hastily announced without any real plan and caused the stock market to tumble. Many economists have warned that these tariffs will spark a trade war, and that while they may help the U.S. steel and aluminum industries in the short term, they may crater others, like car manufacturing.

Many people could only laugh until they cried:

Considering the President's ego, he may like the cover regardless of its implications:

And there was some anxiety over that pin being pulled out:

For anyone who needs a little more anxiety in their lives, there's this animation of the cover:

Can't wait to see how this all turns out!

H/T: Twitter, The Economist