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Screenshot @CNN
A Trump Campaign Advisor Just Tried To Crack A Bad Joke On CNN—It Didn't Go Over So Well

In what can only be described as awkward, Stephen Moore, former adviser to Donald Trump, made an inappropriate joke on CNN Tonight as he tried to sideline a discussion about the President's affair with Stormy Daniels and the resulting lawsuit.

Republican strategist Kevin Madden was making a point about having a good idea of what the White House's response to the lawsuit would be.

Moore cut in with:

Are you saying that a porn star would actually try to call attention to herself? Shocking, right?

There was silence until Moore followed up with the equally banal:

I mean, that’s what porn stars do!

 Host Don Lemon wasn't having any of it:

That’s your only response, Stephen? Is that a porn star is trying to call attention, a porn star with a very lengthy complaint from California? I mean, it’s, you know, hey, $130,000 payout from the president’s personal attorney. I mean, come on, brother.

You can watch the cringe-worthy exchange below.

Twitter users were none too happy with Moore's attempt to shift responsibility away from Trump:

You gotta love that conservative hypocrisy of pushing "family values" while continuing to look past Trump's past!

H/T: Huffington Post