Actor Jeff Daniels Just Listed All The Things America Has Lost Since Trump Became President

Actor Jeff Daniels Just Listed All The Things America Has Lost Since Trump Became President
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Updated 5 months ago

Jeff Daniels was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night and for a few brief moments he seemed to be channeling his character, Will McAvoy, from HBO's The Newsroom. After some discussion of the Trump administration and the nearly non-stop barrage of controversial news stories coming out of the White House, Colbert asked Daniels what he made of "the tragic comedy" happening "down there."

Daniels riffed on the salacious nature of it all, drawing comparisons to the Kardashians, before responding with a devastating list of what he believes America has lost since President Trump took office:

We lost, as a country, we lost respect, decency, civilized behavior, integrity, class, accountability, responsibility—He’s got none of that.

And Twitter was like:

Many people agreed with Daniels, responding with comments like these:

Earlier in the broadcast, Colbert had prodded Daniels, referring to the "slate grey" skies in Washington and the air of depression that he perceived to be looming there.

Colbert said what may seem obvious:

...its not like the swamp is being drained—that's not what they're depressed about. It's just that they know that eventually they'll all be caught up as accomplices.

And without missing a beat Daniels replied:

Oh yeah! They're all, they're all going to prison. Let's not even . . . they're ALL going to prison. I mean, I go to sleep at night—I don't count sheep. I just recite: 'orange jumpsuits, prison haircuts, orange jumpsuits, prison haircuts, orange jumpsuits, prison haircuts...'

Colbert lobbed back:

Wow. You go to sleep at night. I'm SO jealous. You gotta hook a brother up with $5 worth of whatever's getting you there.

Some commiserated with Daniels' vision of orange as this season's new black for those in D.C.:

Here's Daniels' interview with Colbert:

And in case you've forgotten Daniels' turn as journalist Will McAvoy in Newsroom, here it is:

Too. Real.

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