Nobel Peace Prize Committee Calls Police After Someone Nominated Trump

Nobel Peace Prize Committee Calls Police After Someone Nominated Trump
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Updated 4 months ago

In 2017, Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, you heard that right, Donald. J. Trump.

In the end, the nomination turned out to be fraudulent, and now it looks like the same person may have struck again. 

While last year the committee didn't go public with the forged nomination, this year the New York Times is reporting that Norwegian Nobel Institute notified the police of a second fraudulent nomination for Trump.

Olav Njolstad, secretary of the Nobel committee, told the Times:

Every year, we get lots of invalid nominations, but these are nominations that are not valid because those who nominate are not qualified to do so. As far as I know, this is the first example of someone nominating someone by stealing another person’s identity. 

Inspector Rune Skjold with the economic crimes division of the Oslo police added they'd been in contact with the American FBI and believed the same person was responsible for both nominations. 

I think it's safe to say Twitter wasn't surprised the nomination was a fraud.

They would have been surprised if it hadn't been.

A few people tried to guess the identity of the false nominator:

Though many guessed Trump himself was behind the scam:

But really, people mostly just thought it was sad and kind of funny:

Four U.S. presidents have been awarded Nobel Peace Prizes including Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and, most recently, Barack Obama in 2009. 

It seems unlikely Trump will be joining that list.