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Report Finds That Facebook Charged The Clinton Campaign More For Ads Than Trump

In an article for Wired, Antonio García Martínez explains how, through an auction system for creating ad space, Facebook ended up charging 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton more for ad space than Donald Trump. It all came down to Trump's ads being more "provocative" or click-baity, which ended up working in his favor. 

Twitter user @nycsouthpaw sent out a series of tweets explaining how this all works:


Yes, that's how we felt. Let's see if Mike Isaac from the New York Times can jump in here and explain what's going on...


Maybe Martínez, the man who wrote the article, can help us understand?


From what we can gather it all boils down to this:

During the run-up to the election, the Trump and Clinton campaigns bid ruthlessly for the same online real estate in front of the same swing-state voters. But because Trump used provocative content to stoke social media buzz, and he was better able to drive likes, comments, and shares than Clinton, his bids received a boost from Facebook’s click model, effectively winning him more media for less money. In essence, Clinton was paying Manhattan prices for the square footage on your smartphone’s screen, while Trump was paying Detroit prices. 

H/T: Wired