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Military Veterans Speak Out About Trump's Plan To Arm Teachers: 'It Increases The Chance Of Kids Dying'

In the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the majority of GOP lawmakers, especially those receiving money from the National Rifle Association, are facing unprecedented pressure to reexamine their stance on gun control. Some are even supporting measures to fight the epidemic of American mass shootings, so long as these solutions don't result in fewer guns. Recently, the NRA and President Trump advocated arming certain "highly trained" schoolteachers with weapons similar to the semiautomatic rifles used most frequently in American gun massacres. 

Military combat veterans were like: 


Brandon Friedman, a former army captain in Iraq and Afghanistan, told BuzzFeed News:

There is a gulf between being taught how to handle a weapon, and learning to fight. Those are two distinct things. And learning how to fight, how to stand your ground when an aggressor is trying to kill you, that’s not something that comes naturally to people.

Pro-gun control veterans across the nation are using their training and experiences to speak truth to Twitter:

Civilians on Twitter are thankful to vets who have provided informed opinions on a national assault rifle ban:

Not only do combat veterans have greater credibility than many pro-gun control activists when it comes to the mechanics of these weapons and the circumstances which necessitate them, but it's possible the voices of these veterans bring more objective pressure to GOP lawmakers. 

Do they value the input of the troops they routinely claim to support more than they value the NRA's monetary efforts to preserve its interests?

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