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NRA Host Smashes Own TV Because Of People Mocking Trump

NRA Host Smashes Own TV Because Of People Mocking Trump
Updated 3 months ago

Gun lobbyists are mad as heck and they aren't going to take it anymore. 

In a new "We'll Show You How Mad We Are" TV spot produced by the NRA, a really pissed off middle-aged white man holding a sledge hammer stands beside a television showing clips of the media criticizing the NRA and Donald Trump.

As clips continue playing — including snippets from comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver — this guy's irritation grows until he finally lowers his safety goggles and slams the television with the sledgehammer.

Behold the subtlety:

The actor in the spot portraying "Angry Guy" is Grant Stinchfield, a right-wing radio host and owner of Kwik Kar Auto Care Center. Stinchfield recently came under fire for indirectly suggesting that North Korea drop a nuclear bomb on Sacramento, CA. He later apologized, saying it was a joke.

The NRA and Stinchfield were clearly going for a big reaction with this overwhelming show of strength and rage. 

Sadly for them, it garnered more giggles than gasps:

Some wondered about the emotional stability of the NRA and the man with the sledgehammer:

Overall, Twitter was confused by the whole situation: 

But there was a more basic question on everyone's minds:

@thatdonwood summed up the reasoning: