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Internal Pentagon Audit Leaks, Shows The Pentagon Misplaced Over $800 Million Dollars

Internal Pentagon Audit Leaks, Shows The Pentagon Misplaced Over $800 Million Dollars
4 months ago

One of the largest agencies for the pentagon, the Defense Logistics Agency, has lost track of where a whopping $800 million has gone.

Unable to account for the hundreds of millions of dollars that was spent, considering the timing people are now speculating that it might have something to do with President Donald Trump and his proposal to boost the military budget.

Ernst & Young found that the Defense Logistics Agency didn't document the $800 million that was spent on construction projects, contributing to their weak financial management and organization. There have been similar paper trails in recent months, which a lot of elected people and government officials are calling a huge problem.

“If you can’t follow the money, you aren’t going to be able to do an audit,” Iowa Republican and Senator Chuck Grassley said. Grassley also happens to be a senior member of the Budget and Finance Committees, and has pushed for a more organized administration to account for undocumented spending like this.

Twitter is assuming that the funds might have found their way toward President Trump:

It is now being called into question whether the Defense Department can handle their annual budget of $700 billion along with the billions Trump is proposing this month. This recent revealing audit has a lot of people answering 'no' to that debate. 

Other people are arguing that this is being spoken out of context. Could this be a possible fake news alert?

It'd sure be a big sigh of relief to everyone if these hundreds of millions of dollars weren't actually missing. 

Of course, on the other hand there are plenty of people who have other ideas as to where the funds might have gone:

Assuming the cash didn't go to him directly, as people above were implying. Heck, at this point, who knows anymore?

Managing a budget is hard for anyone, after all. Perhaps that goes for the government as well?

Has anyone seen $800 million laying around? If so, contact the confused, baffled folk over at the Pentagon! 

H/T - Politico

This is far from the first problem concerning the Defense Logistics Agency. The agency couldn't provide evidence for many documented expenditures that also stacked up to hundreds of millions of dollars. There was an additional $46 million of "inappropriately recorded" computer assets, and an additional $384 million of spending money that either had insufficient or no documentation.