Meghan McCain Just Issued An Update On The Health Of Her Father John McCain

Meghan McCain Just Issued An Update On The Health Of Her Father John McCain
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5 months ago

Political analyst, writer, and The View co-host Meghan McCain stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday and let everyone know how her father, Arizona Senator John McCain, has been doing since being diagnosed in July with brain cancer.

Meghan shared with Colbert and his audience:

My dad, as everyone probably knows, he has glioblastoma multi-form grade four, which is brain cancer. He is in Sedona, Arizona, right now at our ranch doing physical therapy and he has amazing doctors and he’s doing really well.
It’s a really, really scary cancer. My family is no different than any other family who has experience with cancer.

Senator McCain did not attend the President's State of the Union Address. Meghan explained:

He had a sort of rough time at Christmas and he’s made this crazy amazing recovery which I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at, he is so resilient in so many different ways. He’s a tough bastard. He’s doing well and I hope he comes back to Washington very soon because I would like to see him go up against Trump a little more.

It's no secret that Senator McCain and the President haven't had the best relationship since Trump claimed McCain wasn't a hero because he got caught. He was referring to Senator McCain's time as a POW during the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, Trump avoided the draft thanks to five deferments — four because he was attending college and one due to a bone spur in his heel.

Across party lines people wished the Senator and the McCain family well:

You can see the interview below.